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Client Case Study - Happiest Hour

Banana leaf cocktail

Flamingo taking a sip of a tropical cocktail

The Happiest Hour is a fun whimsical bar in the West Village of New York City. It’s interior evokes a nautical beach themed resort. Walking through the door and the first thing that you’re greeted by the phrase written on the wall “Greetings from Paradise.” The vibe feels more like Key West and walking in flip flops on the beach. Stepping inside immediately transports you to another place. Long gone are people in suits rushing past with brief cases. Dirty subways, the crowded sidewalks of Times Square and any of the other hallmarks of NYC. The Happiest Hour is an escape and a welcome one for many weary overworked New Yorkers looking for a moment of paradise.

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The cocktails at the Happiest Hour speak for themselves. Just in line with the paradise theme of the bar the cocktails themselves are bright and colorful. Evoking a night spent on the boardwalk with your toes buried in the sand. The colors of the drinks are vibrant and tropical. A lot of neon greens, ruby reds and carrot oranges. It’s not hard to make these drinks colorful when I photograph them but I still take care to accentuate those colors. Position my lighting to shine through the drink and make them glow from within. And when I’m editing them add a little extra color and deeply saturate the reds and greens. Also because the Happiest Hour has a whimsical beach theme there’s a lot of fun things to play with. Placing the drinks on paintings of drinks mimicking their shadows is fun. And having a pink flamingo take a sip from one of the drinks. There’s so much character inherent in the details and as a photographer my goal is to find those details and accentuate them. I don’t want this to be any bar. I want my work to BE the Happiest Hour.

cocktail with a carrot placed next to a sign closeup of a carrot topped cocktail photographing cocktails in the 6th dimension a strawberry garnished drink
Will Engelmann
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